Details are provided which give the reader a good understanding of the faith of the interviewee with appropriate background. Details are provided which give the reader a good understanding of setting of the interview and how the setting could affect the learning outcomes. The reader is provided with a brief but incomplete understanding of the setting and no assessment of how this could affect learning is given.Limited description of the setting is given 16 Points Overview of Religion The religion of the interviewee is described in a way which enhances and provides understanding to the responses given to the interview questions. This is integrated into the paper. 20 Points An overview of the religion is given but the reader cannot discern how it relates to the interview questions. There is little integration of this information into the paper. 18 Points Discussion of the religion of the interviewee is limited or non-existent. No attempt is made to integrate this into the description of the interviewee’s responses 16 Points Development of Interview Questions Description is given as to how the interview questions were chosen and/or adapted to the interviewee. 20 Points Interview questions are listed but the reader is not provided any understanding for how these were adapted as the interview was conducted. 18 Pts The reader is not made aware of the questions asked to the interviewee