Book paper on The Fault in Our Stars

A brief summary of the book. This is your summary of the book, not the summary provided by the publisher, a reviewer, or any other source. 2. A description of how the book is related to a topic or topics covered in class. Make explicit linkages between the course material presented in the textbook or lecture and events described in the book. This description can include information from your discussion with students in LITR 4362. 3. A description of how adolescents are portrayed in the book. Consider the book’s timeframe when writing this description. Include an assessment of how realistic the portrayal of adolescence is compared to what we have learned in class. 4. Your personal reactions to the book. For example, did you connect with the adolescents in the novel? Did the events described in the novel cause you to look at the adolescent experience in a different way? Did the adolescents in the novel reflect your own experience of adolescence? 5. A conclusion tying all of the previous sections together.