Book Dissection

 Book Dissection is of a book of your own choice, relevant to philanthropic giving, the nonprofit sector and/or the interplay between civil society and charitable giving. Your book of choice needs to be an academic work published in the last ten years. By “academic”, we mean that the author/ authors cite his/her/their sources. The purpose of the book dissections is to introduce students to fundamental works in this field, and to explore the breadth and depth of the sector as well as the academic inquiry that reflects that spectrum. These dissections require students to think and write analytically and critically about the authors perspective. Please see the Canvas course site for an in-depth explanation of how to complete the following book dissections, as well as an example. As in a scientific setting, dissections are designed to reveal the inner workings of a book through an active engagement with the author’s arguments and biases. Book dissection should be 3-5 pages, following the format outlined in the Canvas instructions