Birth to Womanhood: Life in the System

 Description  Where are they now and the crimes they participate in. Im giving the statement of the problem and the questions that need to be addressed. Address the questions as well as be creative with the paper. The research paper will take the form of a literature review, which will include a statement of the problem, a review of the major issues covered in previous research, as well as a discussion of the relevant policy/program issues related to the topic. Each of these sections should be clearly identified in your paper. o Statement of the problem  In the statement of the problem, you should define what you are studying and why it is important to do so.  Often, this section ends with posing a few questions that will be answered by the paper.  This is intended to “hook” the reader – this is where you get the reader’s interest and convince them that this topic is worth consideration and why.  This is, essentially, the introduction to your paper. o Review of the literature  In this section, you should present the findings from research conducted by others in this area or related areas. Questions that might be relevant are:  What have others said about this topic?  What theories have been used to account for this issue?  What research has been done?  Are the findings consistent or inconsistent?  What flaws exist in the previous research?  A literature review should NOT include your opinion or thoughts on the topic – this is only about what others have said or researched on the topic.