Birth Right Citizenship

This research project combines the critical thinking rubric so that you may utilize the textbook, videos, and readings to address the perplexing normative and constitutional inquiry about “birthright citizenship”. Please address the following: 1) What is the significance of the 14th Amendment? What is its political relationship to jus soli, which means literally “the right of the soil?” 2) What are some of the potential benefits of living in a country with birthright citizenship? Please identify the controversy associated with birthright citizenship. *3)Do you think that the Fourteenth Amendment should be changed to potentially limit birthright citizenship? What impact do you think such a change would have on our country? 4) What political position does Barbour and Wright take on the question of birthright citizenship? Use statements, charts, or other material from the textbook to support your claim. I am not looking for a right or wrong answer, just your best subjective judgment. Your paper must be two-double-spaced pages, employ 11 inch fonts, and a Notes page of citations. The Notes appendix starting on N-1 In the Barbour and Wright textbook is illustrative of how to construct your Notes page. The paper must include a thesis statement, bibliography(no outside sources only links that are given), and #3 is a counter argument. This is a essay, not “just answer the questions”. ***if you have any questions feel free to text me at (313) 920-3950. The class uses the book: “Christine Barbour and Gerald Wright. Keeping the Republic: Power and Citizenship in American Politics, 8th Edition. Sage|CQ Press, 2017, ISBN 978-1-5063-6218-2”*** For the essay he lists 4 links and 3 pdf’s. You DO NOT need to use ALL of the links. Use any of them that will help you do the essay. I will provide you with all 4 links so you can choose which ones to use and I will provide the pdf’s to help as well. Thank you so much! And don’t forget to text me at (313) 920-3950 for any questions! Due date: 11/15/18 @ 6pm. Links: