Atlas Shrugged

Description Part 1: What are the main points that John Galt makes in his speech? That is to say, what are the main tenets of Ayn Rand’s objectivism? This section is for you to show your understanding of what objectivism is, and what Ayn Rand was trying to convey through the John Galt Speech, and through Atlas Shrugged as a whole. Its highly recommended reading the speech in its entirety as well as doing some outside research on what Ayn Rand taught as objectivism. You should use outside sources to help describe your understanding of objectivism in this section. You might also use other events in the book to help support your discussion of what Ayn Rand was trying to say. Part 2: Argue AGAINST Ayn Rand’s philosophy of objectivism, capitalism, and free markets. The purpose of this section is to isolate the most lucid, and thus the most difficult, points to argue against in defending Ayn Rand’s theories. We have discussed in class how Ayn Rand paints her characters in a very black and white way, where good and bad are on polar opposite sides of a spectrum. In life, we will less commonly encounter such polarized personalities or viewpoints. Rather, people who disagree with Rand typically have persuasive or understandable arguments against objectivism or capitalism. These are the perspectives or positions that you should explore in your arguments against objectivism. In other words, present arguments that are logical and realistic rather than at an extreme spectrum. Other requirements (will be graded upon): 1. You must incorporate citations from Atlas Shrugged 2. You must also have at least six other citations than Atlas Shrugged (these can be from news articles, books, online sources, etc.) 3. You must reference all citations in APA format (including in text citations and references). 4. Your paper should be well written (spelling and grammar are graded), well organized, and clear. Details: – 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced, 1 inch margins – Hand in via Webcourses, a hard copy is not necessary. – No late submissions will be accepted. Due date: November 28th at midnight Page length: Minimum 6 pages, maximum 8 pages (title page and references not included)