Are relief stress products (Fidget cube & Fidget spinner) helpful or useless.

I have done the first paragraph ( you can also revise it if it’s needed) As an industrial design student, I am familiar with the process of designing products. So, if you have soft drink you need a can; if you have a foot you need a shoe; and so on so and so on. But there’s an aspect of industrial design that goes beyond just the designing of the product and that is an attempt to design products that fix problems. One of the strangest examples of this are fidgets that supposedly help children overcome add, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Putting aside whether designers should really be involved in the mental health industry, I’m interested in the idea of fidgets and if they really work.(these are what I wrote in 1st paragraph) Next paragraphs firstly you can talk about what can design do for problem and even mental stress. do we need product design on mental problem? And then need a lot of research ( research argument articles online which talks about fidget cube & spinner are help people relieve stress or they are useless, moreover you can research Are fidget effective? how important these product are?