Anecdotal Log for Field Experience # 3 Paper details

On a separate 1 page paper for each Anecdotal Log I need Observations and Critical Analysis of the Observations addressed with a citation backup from the recommended readings. I attached examples of what is needed. The citation should be from an analysis to back up your theory. I attached 2 papers that the same writer I requested did for me from my previous order. I also attached the following: 1. Anecdotal Log 10-3-18 – This should be filled in 2. Anecdotal Log 10-4-18 – This should be filled in 3 . Rubric Detail 4. Recommended Readings – They can be used for citation 5. Theory Support -Two papers that need to be applied to the Critical Analysis of the Observations. 6. Two paper examples that were done previously by the writer I am requesting. 7. Write Paper for me – previously done paper by write paper for me writer. 8. Examples of previously assignments that were done. But these assignments don’t have theories to support them which I need in these papers. – see Theory Support.