Analyzing Emerging Market Turmoil

 The purpose of this assignment is to use macroeconomics theory and policies that we discussed in class in order to investigate the current, so called, Emerging Market Turmoil.With an internal coherence and smooth transition between parts. 1)- Read the articles that contain the information and analysis about the phenomenon for a few typical emerging market economies. 2)- Try to find and explain all the relevant changes in economic variables in these countries during past few years, using the theories and policies studied in the class. Consider variables like investment, trade balance (current account), nominal exchange rate, monetary policies (central bank borrowing rate like bank rate in Canada), interest rate, inflation rate. capital flow, budget deficit, self-fulfilling, debt, and so on …. 3)- Put together the piece-wise analyses in step 2, like a puzzle, to come up with a coherent story and general thesis about the whole economic process that has led these economies to current situation since a few years ago until now. Also discuss how these countries acted to curb the problem. 4)- You need to fill any gap in your thesis or supporting facts, by finding data about the economic variables, like money supply (use M2), budget deficit, trade deficit, …, for the main countries in the articles. 5)- Use the main countries mentioned in the articles, discuss how the economic episodes and implemented policies were different or similar, and why the crisis could be contagious. The Structure of the Essay: i)- Your essay should have an abstract in the beginning, explaining your thesis including a summary of the crisis and reasons behind it. The body of your essay should include several sections: ii)- First, the general economic analysis, dedicated to explain the theoretical explanations of different economic changes in the countries (step 2 in above). iii)- Second, using steps 3 and 4, you need to assemble your pieces in step 2, and reach to your final thesis with the support of data. Do not hesitate to use informative tables and graphs. iv)- Finally, you need a section to expand step 5. v)- Conclusion. This short part includes any interesting personal learning point from this study, any personal policy view/recommendation/suggestion. vi)- Do not forget the references at the end. Also, all the tables and graphs go to the appendix.