Analyze the movie “The Internship”

 analyze the movie “The Internship” featuring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. Please label each section. Research questions: 1. How job satisfaction contributes to job involvement? 2. How the organization is able to provide high satisfaction and high stress levels? 3. How does google portray high levels of motivation and productivity? Discussion: a narrative about what is going on in the organization. You should “set the stage” or “paint a picture” about what is occurring in the organization. This is where you will answer your research questions and describe employee issues that are of importance and the factors that are leading to these issues. You will want this section to be focused (ex. job satisfaction, organization commitment, job involvement, productivity, stress and how it possible leads to deviant behavior). (Assume you are writing the contents of a case study based on the movie The Internship). You will want to include relevant, specific examples from the movie, series, or third-party data to support your claims. Theoretical evaluation: a thorough theoretical explanation/analysis of the issues identified in the discussion section. In this section, you will be demonstrating your ability to apply the OB concepts/theories, (ex. job satisfaction, organization commitment, job involvement, productivity, employee involvement). You will be expected to give theoretical explanations about what is happening in the organization (the issues you described in previous section).