Analyze the case “Levendary Café – The China challenge” (Write in a essay form)

 First i will give you a case to read. It is a short case. So i think it will be fine. I come up with some problems by myself as below after I read the case: 1.What should Mia Foster do about Louis Chen? 2.What does it take to succeed in the restaurant franchising business? 3.What implications does this have for the way Levendary should manage its international operations? 4.What do you think of Mia foster’s “stages theory” of country management responsibilities: go-getter, local baron, and professional manager? 5.What implications that these developmental stages have for the task of headquarter management and its relationship with overseas subsidiaries? 6.What is your evaluation of the way Levendary Café has entered the China market? 7.What changes (if any) should Mia Foster make? Specifically, what should she do about Louis Chen? And what changes (if any) would you propose at headquarters? 8.Prepare a specific action program for Foster to help her deal with the need for continued growth in China. What should be on the agenda for her meeting with Chen? 9.How to overcome the problem of accounting differences between China and US? 10.Is Chen right in setting up stores according to the local needs rather than following the standardized “look and feel” model adapted by US outlets? 11.How to overcome tough competition from local and other foreign competitors. Main Should Chen be left with the sole authority of Chinese operations or should US HQ of Levendary Café intervene? If yes, how should Foster convince Chen? 12.What are the problems being faced and the most important 3-4 decisions the company needs to make regarding the situation of the company in China. 13.From your analysis, what recommendations would you make to Mia Foster on the issues she raises at the end of the case? You do not need to answer the questions above. Those questions might give you a little bit ideas about how to write this essay, but try you best to cover as much as possible in the essay. I write a structure for the essay as below, but I don’t think it is fully correct. If it is not correct, please correct me or add what you think it is right or reasonable things. – Introduction – The success of Levendary – Two approaches of Entering Chinese market (fully localized or not localized) – Review of Chinese Operation (and add some comparison between china and US. You can write it in this part, or you can write their comparison in the separate part.) – Problems Encountered in China – Recommendation -Conclusion