American Revolutionary war

Length: 8–10 pages, typed, double-spaced, plus title page and bibliography. Research: Select and check out a single volume of the following collection, which is available in our library: Merrill. Jensen, John P. Kaminski, and Gaspare J. Saladino, eds., The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution (Madison: Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 1976-<2017>). Call number: KF4502 .D63 [Millar Library, 3rd floor] This collection currently includes 29 volumes. Please do not check out more than one volume, to make sure that everyone in class can find one. Note: If you prefer, the Documentary History of the Ratification can also be accessed online at the website of the University of Wisconsin, but I think you will find the print edition much easier to work with: Assignment: From the volume that you have chosen, select and study a single document (or if you wish, a small set of related documents) from the period of the ratification debates. Based on this and our assigned readings for the course, write an original essay that examines the issues raised in your chosen document, in relation to a larger theme or themes in the American Revolution. For example, if your chosen document concerns declarations of rights, your paper might examine how it relates to other discussions of rights over the preceding decade. If it concerns slavery, you might study it in the larger context of the history of slavery in the revolutionary period. Try to show how the revolutionary experience shaped the ratification debates, and the constitution itself. Also note: One of the many texts included in the Documentary History is the Federalist Papers, which James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay published under the collective pseudonym “Publius.” Since that text is so widely available, please do not choose it for this assignment. Of course it is fine to quote the Federalist Papers in your paper, but choose some other text from the Documentary History to be the basis of your paper. As with the first paper assignment, your paper should include a critical analysis of both the primary sources and the secondary source or sources. (other books that will be needed as sources will be “Colonies to Nation 1763-1789 A Documentary History of the American Revolution/ Edited by Jack P. Greene” and “American Revolutions A Continental History, 1750-1804” by Alan Taylor) Please don’t add anything else too crazy that isnt listed in the sources in these instructions!