Adolescence & Sport

First and foremost, this is a research paper; after choosing a topic, you must use outside readings (i.e., readings NOT assigned for this course) to increase your knowledge and understanding of the relevant issues surrounding that topic. You must then develop and refine your discussion so that you can write a term paper in which you communicate your expertise. For the most part, the topic is wide open – as long as it somehow relates to adolescence and sports. You may consider any of the topics we have discussed so far this semester, or any of the topics yet to come, or even a topic that we will not directly address in this class, as long as it somehow relates to adolescence and sports. I strongly suggest you choose a topic in which you have a high degree of interest, so as to make your research more meaningful to you (and thus, more enjoyable). You will find that it is easier to write a quality paper about something that interests you than it is to write about a topic that bores you. Your papers must be written in standard essay format (introduction, body, & conclusion), and you will be graded on both substance and style. They should be between seven (7) and nine (9) double-spaced pages, using 1 inch margins and Times New Roman 12 pt. font (or the equivalent). You must also include a separate page for references. You must use at least eight (8) outside sources: scientific or academic books, journals, magazines, and or online archives. You may also use non-academic sources, but a significant portion of your paper must be based on the scholarly sources. The papers are due on Tuesday, November 20th , by 5:00 p.m., and they MUST be submitted on-line to D2L. They MUST be uploaded using MSWord, .pdf, or a compatible format. If I (and cannot read your paper, then it will be counted as late (until you turn in a suitable format). It is NOT necessary to turn in a hard-copy.