Academic essay – “Race” Is That a Thing?

Description  write an argumentative essay for academic purposes (University). The essay should deal with the theme “race”. (min. 1000 words) The most important thing: 100% plagiarism free!!!!!!!This is very important. You should clearly agree or disagree with the following statement in the essay -> The concept of “race,” as it has historically been promulgated, has no basis in scientific reasoning, and it should be actively avoided in our journalistic, political, medical, and otherwise scientific discourse. The following texts should be sourced in the essay and cited using the MLA method. Not all texts must necessarily be cited in the essay, and you may of course cite other texts  get the information from the following. Nathaniel Comfort. “Genetics: Under the Skin.” in Nature. • W.E.B. Dubois. Excerpts from The Souls of Black Folk. • John Dupré. Excerpt from “Natural Kinds and Biological Taxa.” • Stephen J. Gould. Excerpts from The Mismeasure of Man, pp. 62-104; 351-366. • Evelynn M. Hammonds. “Straw Men and Their Followers: The Return of Biological Race.” • Jacoby and Glauberman (eds.). Excerpt from The Bell Curve Debate: History, Documents, Opinions (Times Books) • Armand Marie Leroi. “A Family Tree in Every Gene.” • Ashley Montagu. Statement on Race: An Annotated Elaboration and Exposition of the Four Statements on Race Issued by United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) (New York: Oxford University Press, 1972), ix-xii, 7-13, 139-164. • Hillary Putnam. Excerpt from “The Meaning of ‘Meaning.’” In K. Gunderson (ed.). Language, Mind, and Knowledge. • Steven Shapin. “How to Be Antiscientific.” The One Culture?: A Conversation about Science. • Steven Shapin. “The Virtue of Scientific Thinking.” in The Boston Review.