Academic Accommodations

Addressing and meeting the needs of underrepresented populations is a vital goal for most postsecondary institutions. However, meeting the needs of underrepresented populations typically entails fulfilling alternative requests. In higher education, these requests are generally known as accommodations. Explain the steps of the accommodation process. What type of information must an institution obtain in order to grant or uphold the accommodation? What role do you believe accommodations play in regard to meeting underrepresented need in student affairs? Support your answer with examples. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: A. Accommodation Process: Describe the accommodation process and the effect that it has on underrepresented populations. Explain why the accommodation process was established. Additionally, describe the steps or processes that must be completed to obtain an accommodation. B. Types of Information: Explain the specific types of information that are needed in order to grant an accommodation. How does the required information justify the need for an accommodation? C. Role of Accommodations: Analyze the role of accommodations in meeting underrepresented needs in student affairs. What do the accommodations accomplish? How do accommodations address underrepresented needs in student affairs?