A cross on the road

. A Cross on the Road Death is memorialized in many ways. Some are personal or private memorials and others are public. Some are formal, while others are informal and spontaneous. Examples include crosses at the site of an accident, creation of laws or policies such as the Amber alert, or memorial sites, creations of events, foundations, websites, planting trees and so on. For this assignment: choose three examples of the ways that people memorialize death and when you choose them, think about how you will tie them together. You may be creative but you must link the memorials in some way. Following your introduction, answer these questions: 1 – Write a paragraph or so on why memorials are important to man-kind. This can be a part of the intro or after the intro. 2 – Describe each of the memorials you chose. What are the unique features? Is the memorial one of a kind or one of many? 3 – What is the history of each type of memorial or specific memorial, including when or how the memorial came into being? Include religious or cultural roots for the memorial if appropriate? You should use at least two sources for this section. One can be your book. 4 – Who is likely to use this type of memorial? Are there any controversies surrounding the memorials? Are the memorials trendy? Sustainable? 5 – Why did you choose these memorials and how do you tie them together? Reference your sources as applicable. Cover the topic completely and all the major categories; being mindful that some portions of the questions may not be applicable to your research topic. Tip: In appropriate places in your text, insert pictures, websites, or other materials to illustrate the memorials. Conclude your paper by tying it all together..