A Business Tale: A Story of Ethics, Choices, Success M. Jennings 9780814473221

 Leadership Book Report – BUSI 1200 (as of fall 2016) Choose a book from the list under assignment/ leadership book read and report instructions in our Blackboard course site. Before you read it look at the following instructions for completing your written book report. Points are lost anywhere you cannot follow instructions. You must turn this in via the safe assign link for this assignment found in the assignment tab in our blackboard course. A safe assign link means that what you submit will be scanned against a large data base to prevent plagiarism. You should note your safe assign report when submitting. Anything identified by safe assign as a cut and paste from a periodical or book is fine as long as it is cited in your bibliography. The format of your book report should exhibit professional writing. Submit this assignment as a Word document only. Grammar and spelling are important and will be graded. If you cut and paste direct quotes from a source it must be cited. You should identify your citation in the body and document the source in the bibliography at the end of the paper. At a minimum you should turn in 3 double spaced pages with no more than one inch margins using no larger than 12 fonts. A longer paper is fine as well. Your file naming convention must be last name, first name, section #. Mine would be Davis John 013. There should be three distinct, titled, and separated sections in your written report. Note the example which clearly shows 3 sections, separated, and titled. Your report must use this 3 section format. A very important part of the exercise is section # 2 where you share what you learned about leadership. Section #2 must be at minimum 1/3 of the total report pages and note below that the number of leadership examples in section #2 will impact your grade. Section 1  – No more than 1/3 of the report is the summary of the book that was read. Please note that if your report is 6 total pages, about 2 pages should be the summary. Papers with more than 1/3 summary will not do as well as those that follow the guideline. Section 2 This is the focus of the assignment. 1/3 of the paper must be this section. The section will include a discussion of what you learned from the reading in regard to leadership. What did the book teach you about leadership that you think will make you a better leader? As the foundation of this exercise, the more detailed the description of better leadership the better your grade. Grade guide for this section: 4 or more strong examples of leadership would be an A performance for this section, 3 a B, and 2 a C. Every paper should strive to have at least 3 examples. You should start a new paragraph for each leadership example you put in section 2. If you have 4 examples you would have 4 paragraphs in section 2.You should be looking for leadership examples as you read. Leadership examples poorly thought out or poorly supported in the paper just to hit a number of examples can work against you.