2030 vission ( saudi arabia )

 Description Each Analytical Review presents a situation from Saudi Vision 2030 (based on ONE Program). The assignment requires you to read and analyze Saudi Vinson 2030 and use what you have learned about strategic management (SM) over the course of the semester to write an analytical review and make justified recommendations to one of the main programs of the vision. It is your opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of SM concepts and your ability to apply the principles and theories to a real situation in Saudi Arabia. You must work with the information that is provided in the (Official Document) of Saudi Vision2030. Any supplemental information you use, eg., from the web, must be for the program in which the review was written about and not from other irrelative programs. The information sources you will need for this assignment are books, journals, your textbook and Official Document) of Saudi Vision2030. (Vision2030 website, in some cases, will provide information about your analytical review of the program/strategies in which the paper is going to be written and will therefore be useful in your analysis.) requirement : External Assessment The General Environment (p. 81-89): 1. What is the environment of the program? Is it local, regional or international? 2. What are the economic forces in this environment that could impact the function of the program? 3. What are the social and demographic forces that could impact it? 4. What are the political, legal and governmental (regulatory) forces that might impact it? 5. What are the environmental factors in the company’s environment? 6. What are the technological forces that could impact the program? The Specific Environment 1. Who/where are the program concerned audiences/areas/businesses/regions etc.? 2. What are their specific features or characteristics? 3. Does the program have access to the professional expertise and labor it requires to reach its objectives? 4. What about the competitive environment? – sources should be educational and officials sources and use the official saudi 2030 vision website – please note that selected program is quality of life check that website http://vision2030.gov.sa/en/qol – each questions should be answered in separated paragraph