1979 Iranian revolution

Description MENA 277BEssay You are to write an essay on the 1979 Iranian Revolution. The essay must answer the following questions: 1- What was the main cause of the Iranian revolution? 2- The Shah of Iran had a huge celebration just before he was deposed. What was this huge event? How did the People of Iran receive this event? 3- One of the Iranian leaders was Ayatollah Khomeini. Who was this important figure and what was his role in the Iranian revolution. Sources: • Use your textbook as a source particularly chapter 8 titled, “The Iranian Revolution and the Revival of Islam.” You can also use this documentary titled, “Shah of Iran amazing party, decadence and the downfall.” It is listed on D2L under content area. • You may use other sources as long as they are reliable sources. • Internet sources are not allowed: example, Wikipedia, Islam web, Jewish Virtual Library, Britannica.com Textbook 1- A History of the Modern Middle East. Westview Press, 2009. By William L. Cleveland and Martin Bunton.