1 Challenges Facing the Teaching of EFL in Libyan Secondary Schools and their Solutions,students as well as their professional needs. Lastly, the chapter will cover the inspectors’ perception towards the current education sector, as well as understand str

I am about to design a course for (In-Service Teachers) who are already teaching English in Libyan secondary schools. This course should be based on (some activities) to show these teachers how to teach (Spoken English). My survey study concluded that these teachers lack the necessary activities by which spoken English is taught in the classrooms. In my study, I have listed some of these activities that may help Libyan in-service teachers teach (spoken English) and make them familiar with these activities: – Role plays – Interviews – Dialogues – Simulations – Story telling – Communication games – Discussions – Reporting – Picture narrating – Presentations According to my topic, “Designing an Activity-Based Training Course in Spoken English for In-Service Teachers of Secondary Schools in Libya-A Need-Based Analysis”, this training course should focus on the “in-service teachers”. It must include some of these activities. Later, each teacher will be able to practice the learned course activities in his/her classroom for his students. So the required course has to be well designed in a way that is able to overcome the difficulties of teaching spoken English in Libyan secondary schools. The course should have a good time table, divisions, length, techniques and activities. To be like literature review writings will not be accepted. A course is a course!