Explain referring to the above case study, what approach will be used to manage this project (e.g. PMBOK, PRINCE2, Agile)? And how this approach can assist to better monitor and control the project goals.



  • Read the following case study carefully, and then answer all the questions


Case study: Online Gym Platform


A team of gym instructors at short notice were required to close their gym and so have decided to adopt an online gym platform where they can still run classes for their current and future members with the purpose to increase the health awareness and promote fitness in Canberra and keep their business running.

This team includes 5 instructors, 2 male and 3 female instructors each of whom have different skills and knowledge of over 10-15 years. The gym consisted of 60 monthly memberships, exercising with them and using the facilities with the annual return of $300,000 profit. The gym however was having difficulties paying instructors, rent, gym facilities and other business expenses required for running services etc. After the decision was made to change to an online platform, some members chose to stop their membership and requested a refund.

However, there are still 40 members who are interested in their fitness and health and are happy to continue to exercise online with their current instructors.

Your job is to propose a project that allows these gym sessions to be promoted and running online every day, starting in less than a Week. The Online Gym Platform should facilitate the new membership requests, online payment, audio and video sessions where instructors and members can interact online. In addition, members should be able to ask on-time questions and instructors can answer them. The members can also record and send their questions online through the online platform where instructors can answer their questions either through audio or video or written comments. Members should also be able to provide feedback at the end of each session.

With this Online Gym Platform, you and many other project managers have been invited to propose and develop a project planning that assists the instructors to run their business and pay their costs and amenities and achieve their goals in the short time. In order to be successful, they will consider the quality of your answers as a factor of choosing the best project. Please note that the answers should be submitted in 48 hours.

Please note:

  1. You should refer to the above case of the Online Gym Platform in your answer for each question.
  2. List your assumption/s where required in each section.  





MOV, Project Management Life Cycle and Project Management Approach


  1. Follow and apply the steps for developing a MOV (Measurable Organisational Value) and develop an appropriate MOV for the Online Gym Platform project where can be used to measure its success.
  2. How would you know the developed MOV is any good for this project?
  3. What processes will you follow to ensure the successful completion of this project?
  4. Explain referring to the above case, what approach will be used to manage this project (e.g. PMBOK, PRINCE2, Agile)? And how this approach can assist to better monitor and control the project goals.



WBS, Time, Cost, and Resource Management


Create a complete high-level project plan using a tabular WBS to assist the management of the Online Gym Platform and consider the following questions in your answer. Your answer can be presented in the format of a table where applicable.

  1. The WBS should contain no less than 25 meaningful items including key phases, activities, deliverables as well as the milestones that must be met.
  2. In the WBS, show the dependencies among activities.
  3. Estimate durations of the activities and schedule the start time and end time of each activity. Apply the parallelism strategy to project scheduling.
  4. Using bottom up approach, identify what resources are required for this project and estimate how much they will cost.
  5. Explain how the scheduling will be used to ensure the project can be successful.


  1. Follow the steps and identify the Critical Path for this project.
  2. How can you measure the quality of your planning and estimation?




Ethics and Risks Management


  1. Identify and explain two major IT risks and two major ethical issues involved in the Online Gym Platform project which will be developed in Canberra. Please be specific in your answers.
  2. In your answers, explain what actions you will take to minimise or eliminate the risks and unethical issues.
  3. Describe with an example how the development of the code of ethics can benefit this IT project?