what are the requirements of opening a news organization?

A small news organization is opening new offices in Sydney Australia. For their office space,
they have rented a whole floor in an office building in the Sydney CBD. The rented office space
is 40 m long, 35 m wide and 3.2 m high. There will be four departments based at the office
space: editorial department, video department, print department and administration department.
You are tasked with designing the network for their offices and ensuring internet connectivity
to the office. You have to provide a networking plan which keeps cost down and satisfies the
organisation’s demands.
The requirements for the network are:
1) Each department should have a separate wired LAN. This is for security reasons. The
departments should still be able to communicate with each other.
2) All four department LANs need to support voice, video and data communication. The all
also need access to a printer.
3) There also needs to be wireless access throughout the floor for all the workers to connect
their own devices. The wireless LAN should be secured so no person from outside the
organization uses it.
4) There should be ‘fast’ internet access for all the LANS and the WLAN.
5) The network should support both IPv4 and IPv6.
6) There should an application for video chat for the workers as well as email.
7) The network design needs to leave room for 30% expansion both in terms of bandwidth
(data rate) and number of users