Briefly discuss human resource management (HR) and how it is related to solving business problems

This assessment requires you to adopt the role of a character provided to you in the assessment resources and address a role play problem from that person’s perspective. You are stepping into a character, and determining a response to a problem from that character’s perspective. You have to do two role plays in total to complete this assessment.It will be an exciting and fun task!

You must complete two role-play tasks, from any two separate topics, from topics 7-11.The role play problemfor each topic is provided in the discussion forum for that topic.

For each role play you have to:

  • Make the first postof no more than 250 words as if written by your chosen character to address the problem. You must use the behavioural profile information from Topic 1 as well as information from the relevant topic. References are not needed. (6 marks)
  • Respond to a first postmade by any character,in no more than 350 words, adopting the perspective of another one of the other characters. Use a minimum of two (2) academic or professional references in your response. (6 marks)

Remember, it is not your own perspective being offered: you are stepping into the characters. The roleplay will be run in the Discussion forums. A separate roleplay discussion forum has been created for each topic. You must post into the correct role play to be eligible for a mark. You are reminded to be respectful and professional when posting to Discussion forums. You will get the most out of this assessment task by practising empathy and thus embracing each character’s point-of-view while at the same time reflecting a real-world situation.

To make an initial post– create a thread in the forum, and indicate in the subject line which character you are playing.

To respond to a post– press the reply button on another character’s initial post.

Each role play is worth 12 marks, and another 6 marks are available for overall application of theory and writing style, in total giving you an overall score out of 30. Please see Presentation requirements below for the Turnitin submission so you can receive feedback on this assessment task.

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This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

  • be able to critically evaluate and propose plausible HR recommendations to solve business problems.
  • be able to employ contemporary digital platforms to develop, communicate and review HR recommendations.
  • be able to explore methods that foster teamwork and collaboration in the organisational context.
  • be able to use research skills in the formulation of business-relevant HR recommendations and solutions.

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Students are required to post their role play of the appropriate forums to be eligible for the marks allocated.

To make an initial post– create a thread in the forum, and indicate in the subject line which character you are playing.

To respond to a post– press the reply button on another character’s post.

When submitting your completed work via Turnitin use the following format.

  • Cover page, stating the subject code and title, the assessment number and title, your name and student id.
  • Role play 1: copy in the required screen shots, in legible format.
  • Role play 2: copy in the required screenshots, in legible format.
  • Reference list

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You must follow the correct process for making your initial post and your reply post, as explained above. For each role play that you do, you must complete your work by the close-off date for that role play, as set out in the table above and also in the schedule. Extensions are not available for this assessment, so please get organised early.

Look over the marking guide to get across the standard of work that is expected.