describe how a project is developed?

You will be developing a project plan to present to your stakeholders. You might also want to read through the directions for the assignments in units III, V, and VI to make sure that you will be able to supply the necessary information for each unit assignment; each of these assignments will be a part of your final project plan that you will submit in Unit VII. In Unit VII, you will formulate a PowerPoint in which you will present your project plan to your stakeholders based on your work from earlier units.

For this assignment, you will be choosing the project for which you wish to formulate your project plan.  Your completed document should be at least two pages in length. Document template to be used is attached with the project selected – A walk to cure ALS. (ALS Walk)

Unit II Project Topic

Please complete the information below based on the project you have chosen for your project plan.

Project name: ALS Walk – A walk to cure ALS

Project manager name (your name): Student 021691

Project’s goal (reason for undertaking the project/anticipated benefits): To raise $5000 in donations and engage employee support for the ALS Association

Cost estimate (this is hypothetical so do not spend too much time on this aspect):

Project structure (functional, matrix, or projectized):

People/departments involved: All employees in the central NC AHC Branches

Potential risks/issues to overcome:

Timeline for completion (start date/completion date): 2/15/2020 – 3/26/2020

Project scope (please see the Unit II Lesson for an example):

Project objective:



Technical requirements:

Limits and exclusions:

Reviews with customer:

Project Stakeholders:

Work breakdown structure (WBS):

Importance of the WBS: