what was your experience with the police? at what instances were you caught on the wrong side of the law?

Johan Strauss (“Joe” to his mates) was out at Mooseheads on the evening of
Saturday 5 January 2019.
At about 1:00am Joe was found by Police to be sitting in his car in Mooseheads
car park. The keys were in the ignition but the vehicle was stationary. Police
performed a breathalyser test on him. The result showed a reading of 0.12
(noting the legal limit of 0.05).
Officer Moore asked Joe to exit the vehicle. “I’m sorry but you are reading
over. You will have to come to the station for further testing.” Joe agreed
and got into the police vehicle at Officer Moore’s direction. On his short journey,
Joe was seated next to Constable Pierce. Joe sat with his head in his hands for
the majority of the journey. He briefly raised his head shortly prior to arriving at
the station and, turning to Constable Pierce stated “that was a bit stupid of
me wasn’t it.”
Further blood tests were taken in police custody that confirmed Joe to be over
the limit.

The purpose of this assessment is to give students an interesting and practical engage
with the course materials. The assessment is designed with the Faculty objectives
around ‘Work Integrated Learning’ (in other words, getting you to engage in pieces of
assessment that can closely mirror some of the professional and workplace skills you
will come to practice upon graduation).
The assessment requires you to prepare Written Submissions with respect to a
fictitious scenario.
We are not prescriptive in terms of the structure you adopt for the Submissions, but
make suggestions with respect to the types of headings and content you should
The assessment is worth 40 per cent of your overall grade.
Your piece is to be 1,800 words. You will be penalised for straying beyond 10 per cent
on either margin of this.
You are required to have:
1. Numbered paragraphs;
2. Headings; and
3. 1.5 line spacing.
Your assessment is due on Friday 8 May 2020 in Week 13.
It is important to ensure that you adhere to the due date. Extensions can only be
applied for in accordance with the University Policy and late submission in any
circumstance may mean that you are unable to receive feedback prior to your final
examination period.
You will be assessed on:
1. Clarity of expression, appropriate language, syntax and spelling.
2. Clearly parameterised scope of argument and articulation of the writer’s
3. Quality of argument, engagement with the facts and application of the law to
the facts
4. Appropriate use of sources including relevant legislation and case law.
5. Formatting, word length and other compliance
You will see that we have made available the marking guide and the weighting
allocated to each item.
You are to prepare written submissions with respect to the fictitious scenario published
on Canvas.
You should ensure that your submissions:
1. Set out the relevant facts;
2. Set out the relevant legal issues with respect to which submissions are to be
3. Set out the relevant legal provisions/principles;
4. Apply the law to the facts;
5. Do so in accordance with your case theory.