Identify a company you believe would benefit from an improved e-commerce program.


Attachments:E-Commerce Project Description
This project provides you with an opportunity to increase and demonstrate your
understanding of e-commerce theory and practice.
Relatively few companies or nonprofit organizations effectively utilize the Internet in their
marketing programs. Most small businesses still do not even have a website. Identify a
company you believe would benefit from an improved e-commerce program.
The project report must begin with a title page and a one-page executive summary.
The first section, Market Analysis, is a 3-4 page summary of the company, its marketing
environment, its main customer market, its marketing mix, and two or three of its major
competitors. Tools such as SWOT analysis, and Porter’s Five Forces may be applied.
The second section, E-Commerce Rationale, is a 3-4 page rationale as to why the company or
organization should increase and improve its e-commerce activity, given the particular nature
of its marketing environment. You are expected to explicitly draw on theories and concepts
in your readings, and to apply them to the company’s particular situation.
The final section, E-Commerce Critique and Recommendations, is a 3-4 page critique of the
company/organization’s website and apparent e-commerce activity, and recommendations for
improvement. The summary is to detail what the company’s e-commerce priorities should
be, and your proposal for how the company/organization should proceed. A detailed
implementation plan is not expected, but you should provide enough specifics to make the
proposal a substantial foundation for practical follow-up with the company. (This is
especially important to those of you who aspire to be successful e-commerce consultants!) In
making the recommendations, you are expected to explicitly draw on theories, concepts, and
Final Project Presentation
For the presentation, you will prepare a 15-slide PowerPoint summarizing the findings
from your paper. You can use graphs, pictures, talking points, and videos but make sure to
provide 13 slides of content without these supplements.
Once you have completed your PowerPoint, you will be required to upload it to the discussion
board for feedback. Each student will comment on a PowerPoint presentation giving their
feedback or recommendations on improvement. Students will take that feedback and make
changes or enhancements based on the feedback and submit their project for a final grade.