What is Mental Fatigue?

Mental fatigue is characterized by a lack of mental energy. Individuals who suffer from this condition may feel like they have less energy than usual and are unusually tired and lethargic. Too much brain activity and stimulation can cause a person to feel mentally exhausted, and the feeling is akin to what the body feels like when a person is physically fatigued.
The time frame in which the fatigue occurs can vary. People can suffer from fatigue for a few hours or even a few days. Mental fatigue has numerous consequences. The fatigue can cause uncomplicated tasks to become increasingly difficult or even impossible.
Mental fatigue makes it difficult for a person to process information. The fatigue can cause a person to make simple mistakes that they would not ordinarily make because the fatigue lowers concentration. Individuals who suffer from fatigue should be careful to avoid certain activities that require lots of concentration, such as driving a car. This condition impairs a person’s physical capabilities so driving a vehicle or operating dangerous equipment could pose a serious threat.
There are many possible causes of mental fatigue. A change in a person’s environment, nutrition, and sleep pattern have the potential to cause fatigue in both mind and body. Stress levels also play an important role in fatigue. Other possible causes of fatigue include recreational drugs, alcohol, and prescription medications.
One prominent cause of mental fatigue is depression. Depression is more common among women and has the potential to make a person feel mentally and physically drained for prolonged periods. Fortunately, there are a variety of natural and pharmaceutical remedies for healing depression.
Many people do not recognize this condition as a medically harmful problem. However, people who suffer from fatigue should remember that fatigue could be a sign that a more serious underlying health problem is occurring. Individuals who experience continual or chronic fatigue should be sure to discuss their symptoms with a doctor. Medical evaluation is often recommended for these patients, as the fatigue could be an indication of chronic fatigue syndrome.
Currently, there is no cure for mental fatigue. There are things that a person can do to alleviate or eliminate fatigue. Exercise and nutritional changes provide a natural way for individuals to improve their cognitive functioning and eliminate fatigue. There are also herbal remedies that have the ability to boost a person’s energy levels and relieve fatigue.

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