What Is a Therapeutic Approach?

When the body demonstrates a decrease in the ability to perform certain movements or functions, intervention is sometimes necessary to regain performance. This can be seen with injuries, some health conditions, or illnesses which impede the ability of the body to respond and move to internal or external stimuli or signals. Therapeutic approach is a term used to describe the type of treatments required to allow the body to regain optimal functioning.
To restore homeostasis, or the body’s balance and its capacity to react through sensations and movement, therapeutic approach is basically a plan of care crafted by medical professionals such as doctors, specialists and therapists. It is a comprehensive program designed specifically to an individual’s needs to regain a level of functioning as close to normal as possible. This can include a protocol of different medications, therapeutic activities such as exercises, and therapeutic modalities.
Medications can be a valuable tool in the therapeutic approach when utilized for certain conditions to minimize pain or stress, or fight off infectious processes or illnesses. Health conditions, such as cancer or immune deficiencies, for example, can hampers abilities whether mental or physical in nature. The use of proper medications can aid in restoring overall health, and therefore reestablish some semblance of normal functioning. Therapeutic modalities can include pain-relieving devices such as the use of heat through a moist heating pack or therapeutic ultrasound unit to reduce pain syndromes which in turn limits functional abilities and can interfere with normal sensations or feelings.
A comprehensive therapeutic approach may also include such things as counseling to resolve psychological issues impeding normal functioning whether it is intellectual or mobility related. Biofeedback is a therapeutic modality often used when stress-related pain inhibits activities or mobility. This is a device where the individual can actually “see” problem areas through a series of progressive lights and consciously alter the effects to normalize sensations and movement.
In short, the therapeutic approach is a multi-disciplinary treatment protocol based on an individual’s needs and deficiencies. It includes medically based treatment options ranging from but not limited to such things as surgical procedures and medication protocols. A comprehensive therapeutic approach can also include “non-medical” yet specialized methods of treatment such as physical or occupational therapy, psychological counseling and participating in a regular exercise program to enhance overall health and wellbeing. The goal of this form of treatment is to maximize the physical and mental potential of an individual.

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